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Customise the product description on collection pages

In Shopify for the Search Results Widget content, the current configuration allows only a small amount of control over what is displayed on collection pages, eg the first 2 lines of the product description.

As this is rarely a complete sentence, we'd love more control,  for example the ability to use a custom meta field called shortdescription, which we could control and customise so that what shows on the collection page actually makes sense. 

Or as a minimum, the ability to map an existing core field such as the product meta description, instead of the traditional product description.

I had suggested this once before in a support ticket and it was suggested that 

it could be built if enough people asked for it. 

Anyone else interested? 

Dear Chris, 

At the moment there is no such a feature in the Searchanise app which allows to map existing core field. You can display more lines of product description by selecting necessary quantity in the Max description strings drop down in the Content tab in the Search results widget section in the Searchanise control panel.

Thank you.

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