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Page not found

Hi there, 

We have noticed that when we type in a particular brand page such as "Whole earth and sea" and click enter, the page is not found. Customers are unable to find the products from this brand and leave our site. 

In preferences >>> pages >>> the brand is not found. 

How can we resolve this issue? Is there a way to tag words for this page or some how activate it? 

URL: for Shopify 

We are using pro plan 

Thank you! 


Please confirm that the Whole earth and sea is a content page which is listed on the Online Store > Pages page of your Shopify admin panel.

Thank you.

Yes  'Whole Earth & Sea'  is a collection page 


Collection pages are listed on the Preferences > Categories page in the Searchanise control panel. As we can see, the search results widget is disabled in your store so search results are provided via default Shopify tools. In this case we can recommend you to enable the widget and the collection will be displayed in the search results.

Thank you.

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