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Graceful Degradation of Shopify Collections

Currently if you want the cleanest looking collection from Seachanise you need to use the embedded method instead of a redirect.  This is great in that the collections look great with the filtering. However, every site that is using this method is taking a relatively long time to rank for anything from a search engine for that collection. This is because the crawlers on first pass do not run the js and will only run the js on subsequent passes if resources are available to do so.  Since Searchanise is nothing but JS, a collection page on first pass by a crawler is going to show an empty page. It would be nice if instead of having to remove the built in collection to have searchanise work, have seachanize do an overlay, or an alternative execution method.

Dear Bryan,

Thank you for your feedback. We have forwarded it to our developers.

Indeed search engines does not see JS widgets. However, links for product pages are important for search engines, not the product lists on the collection pages. All the Shopify stores include a sitemap.xml file which shows search engines where to search site content. It provides site SEO-friendliness. You will not need to set up anything more.

Thank you.

Great idea no doubt.

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