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App is Broken on my Shopify stores.

Please help,

I have 4 websites and all of them are not able to check out on mobile device about 20% of the time. I contacted Shopify and they informed me the following below, that your app is causing this. Can you please help asap.

Joanna G (Shopify)

May 16, 16:31 EDT


Joanna here, from Shopify’s Technical Support Team. Pleasure meeting you! Aisha here has escalated this ticket to our team to show that you are seeing this error on mobile devices:

There are various reasons why this error comes up, but in your specific case we were able to isolate this to your store's script - specifically a script injected by Smart Search & Instant Search. Because this is a third party, I am unable to make changes to the script for you.

To resolve this issue, anyone who comes across it may simply refresh and try again as the error page states. Alternatively, you could reach out to your app developer and make sure this is removed from your theme's code. Their contact information is found here:

I hope that helps out. If this doesn't cover everything you're experiencing, definitely let me know with some more details and I'll investigate further.

All the best,
Joanna G | Technical Support *nsfw

This is the screen and error I get on mobile that Shopify said is from your App. Can you please help?image


We are sorry to hear that you experience this issue. We will contact you in the appropriate ticket.

Thank you.

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