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In Stock Items coming up as Pre-Order


Just installed the app in my shopify store. Seems to work fine on the surface.

I have already noticed that some of my search results show up with Availability "Pre-Order" but they are not pre-order items. They are in stock. 

Our shopify inventory might have them as a negative stock value but we have the box checked, "Allow customers to purchase this product when it's out of stock". However, these items aren't actually out of stock. We just don't update our stock numbers on shopify. 

How can we make Searchanise ignore or not label products Pre-Order, if that box is checked? For actual out of stock orders, we have that box unchecked and they are fine to show up as out of stock. 


Thank you for your message.

If a product has negative amount in stock and the Allow customers to purchase this product when it's out of stock option is enabled for it the Pre-order status is assigned for it in Searchanise. This is how Searchanise works by default. 

In this case we can only recommend you to hide the Availability filter or set up up-to-date inventory status for products in Shopify admin panel.

Thank you.

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