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Set up a filter by size variant

I know this has been asked before a few years back, but is the answer still the same? 

We need to filter by variant (which we have already created). We don't want to have to create 'size' tags as well (duplicate)



Shopify is the platform,


We are glad to tell you that now you can create filters by options. You just need to enter necessary option name to the Option names setting on the Filters > Settings page and re-index your store.


Thanks, I have found the section that you mention above. However, do you have any documentation on how to set up this option?

If so, can you supply a link to it. 


Thanks, I have worked it out. The 'Color' options show up on the product pages now via this method. 

However, when I add 'Size' as an option, the size variants do not show up like the 'Color' options? 

Is the only way to add 'Size' variants through tags, as illustrated in you article below?

Please confirm. Thanks. 


The above mentioned article is out-of-date and will be updated at the first opportunity. 

Please let us know the address of your store so that we can check the issue.

Thank you.

Hi , the Size option is now showing (we didn't re-index the first time). However, in the Size widget, the sizes only show up as small cubes/squares, which means that the whole size variant is not visible. Apart from using tags, is there any way to change the appearance of the size option in the search results? We need the sizes to be listed line by line, so the whole size variant is visible in the search. 

The store address is



Please change the Appearance setting of the filter to the Default one of the Filters page and check the results.

Thank you.

OK thanks, that has solved the issue. 

You are welcome. We are glad to assist you.

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