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Remove 'Search Results' text from Search Results page


I am not sure if this is a Searchanise issue or if it relates to the Theme used. 

I want to remove the 'Search Results' text from Search Results page. For example, if a customer clicks on a collection from our store, the items are then shown that relate to that collection. However, we want to show the collection name as the title and not the 'Search Results' text. Alternatively, if this is not possible (adding each collection name to the relevant individual search results pages), can we remove the text completely (i.e. Have a blank space where the 'Search Results' text is shown). 

Please see the attached jpg screenshot example. I have highlighted the relevant text in yellow. 

If this isn't a Searchanise issue, just let me know. Thanks. 


Please find the instructions on how to replace the title with the collection name here:

Thank you.

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