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Update Searchanise on magento 2.3.2

Hi , 

I spoke to your team at the beginning of the year about us updating our theme and magento version. We have successfully updated our site, but we are having an issue with searchanise, which will not work and when we have tried to update it to the latest version we are having further issues with it knocking out CLI commands. Please see a note from the developer : 

error with Module: Searchanise_SearchAutocomplete is that when it is enabled, we can no longer run cli commands, such as;

php bin/magento setup:upgrade


php bin/magento cache:clean


they can't find an update via composer and have tried to download the latest update from magento :

 this is currently installed in /app/code/Searchanise and there is no reference to it in composer.json /

found on magento marketplace - causes issues, had to disable 

Dear David,

Please refer to our answer in the appropriate ticket.

Thank you.

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