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Color Families Section

Love the new swatches feature!

I'm trying to make it work with a few custom swatches that we use, namely Coyote and Cobalt. 

Out store is

The tooltip says this:

 "Option swatches include size and color variations (if all colors are specified in Color families section). A Dropdown is shown for other variations."

So we're getting the dropdowns for colors on most of our products in search, but we'd like to see swatch buttons.

What is the color families section? How do I specify custom colors there?

On our store right now, you can put a .png of a ncustom swatch in the Assets folder and the theme grabs them from there. Searchanise is not grabbing the custom swatches however.

(74.2 KB)


Unfortunately, there is no way to use image file in color swatches. If custom colors can be specified via HEX code, you can add new color family in the Color Families tab in the Filters section in the Searchanise control panel and specify color name for new color family. Please click the + button in the Color Families tab in the Filters section in the Searchanise control panel, specify family name in the Family name input field, HEX code of necessary color (for example, HEX code of the Cobalt color is #0047ab) in the Family code input field and color name in the Colors included into family input field (for example, Cobalt). Click the Save items button. 

If the product has the Cobalt color, the color of color family (for example, #0047ab) will be displayed in swatches.

Thank you.

I would also very much like to see this. It's a bummer that this option is available in our theme, but we can't use it because Searchanise is understandably overriding that feature. But 70% of what we sell are two color items so having appropriate swatches would be huge.

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