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Need to switch our subscription


We purchased The one year Searchanise subscription for magento, but we had a big issue with the developpers becuse they could not finish the website.

We gave the website project to another company and they are developing it with woocommerce.

We would like to switch from magento to woocommerce for the remaining time we have with our subscription.

the certificate was issued for and we would like to use it now for will be just a redirection to our site



Unfortunately, there is no way to move the subscription from one platform to another.  In this case we can enable a free trial in your WooCommerce store for time remaining for your current subscription. If you agree please install Searchanise in your WooCommerce store and let us know about it in this topic. 

Thank you.


Sorry for the late response but we had some issues with website development. ok sounds good for us to have the remaing time for our Searchanise subscription. so the URL is : will be only a redirection.


Thank you so much for


We have added trial period for the store. You can disable the subscription on the Pro page in the Searchanise control panel of your Magento store or directly on PayPal side if you have not any access to your Magento store.

Please check it.

Thank you.

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