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Want to integrate with Laravel

 Is there any way I can integrate Seachnise with Laravel


Unfortunately, we do not have integration with Laravel. We would like to offer you two ways to integrate: 

1) Use your Searchanise API access to create your own integration:

2) Custom integration with  Searchanise implemented by our developers; this usually reduces the time  and cost of integration done by in-house developers.

We  provide a preliminary estimate that depends on the complexity of the  system (platform) we’re going to integrate with. In general, the cost of  an integration with custom platforms starts at USD 4,500. Please let us  know if you would like us to prepare an estimate for you.

Thank you.

Hi, provide me the Searchanise API documentation, we are already using it for our magento 1.9. From where I can use API access ti create my own integration for Laravel. Seeking for help!


Please contact us at and we will provide you with the details.

Thank you.

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