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GTMetrix / Serve scaled images / shopify

OK, we're implementing Searchandise at and the results are the results page feels very slow. Folloing GTMetrix, it takes 39 seconds to load the page, see the following report:

So, the first suggestion to fix are the images show in the results table, which looks like Searchandise loads the big image


Following Shopify's documentation, they can generate optimized images for smaller sizes, reducing the loading time around 75% - 80%

We already followed the instructions about adding the widget code in the theme. so it's not that.

Is it possible to define the thumbnail image format somehow?

Dear Stuardo,

As we can see page with search results widget is loaded within 8 second (PFA screenshot).  As far as we can see most of the images are about the 480px in width and they are shrunk almost twice to 271px. These values don't affect the loading speed much. Unfortunately, there is no way to control image size in search results widget.

Please refer to the following articles in order to learn how to speed up search results widget:

Thank you.

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