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Use Price Slider Control for Custom Fields?

I have a custom/metafield called "Diopters Equivalent" that contains numerical values. I would like the user to be able to filter the products via slider, kind of like they can with pricing. How can I utilize a slider control for this field?


Thank you for your message and sorry for delay in answering. 

We do not currently have the functionality you have requested; however, we have forwarded a feature request to our developers; it will likely be implemented in the future if we receive enough requests from our clients.

Thank you.

Thank you for responding. Would there be any way for us to develop that functionality ourselves? Or do you have any developers you would recommend who could develop that functionality for us? It is quite crucial to our store.


Since Searchanise widgets are rendered and loaded from our servers there is no way to change HTML of the search results widget.  We apologize for any possible inconveniences it may cause to you.

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