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"Subscription Does Not Fit Store"

Hello, I received an email saying I needed to upgrade my Pro subscription because I had more products than my plan allowed. 

The email said I have 5,645 products with a 5,000 product plan. 

According to WooCommerce, we only have 2,845 products listed (3,276 products total with private, drafts, and trash).

I then calculated the total number of products, categories, brands, posts, and pages, and that number comes out to only 3,559 (including all drafts, trash, and private). 

  • Products: 3,276
  • Categories: 65
  • Brands: 116
  • Posts: 84
  • Pages: 18

Can you tell me where the 5,645 number is coming from?

I need to get this fixed ASAP as Searchanise has blocked me from editing/merchandising/etc. and I can't even use the dashboard to explore the issue further.

Please see the screenshots below and let me know if you need any additional info to get this resolved.

Screenshot of the site's product listings (WooCommerce):


Screenshot of email received today:



The issue seems to be caused by a bug in Searchanise. In order to fix it we need SSH access to your server. Please create a plain text file on your local computer and fill it with the access credentials. Then create a private ticket  with attaching your file.

Thank you.

Hi Alexey, thanks for your response.

Dumb question, but how would I make a private ticket?

The only option I see in the Tickets section are "Start a New Topic > Select Forum Type (Ideas/Report Problem).



Thank you for your reply and sorry for delay in answering.

Please send an e-mail to the address.

Thank you.

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