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WordPress Searchanise manual trigger force reindex (for non logged in users)

Our customer has a webshop which updates prices en stock each day. In these imports the hooks like 'edit_post' are ignored because of the import speed. So in the index of searchanise are old prices. I tried to force the manual reindex in PHP after the import (import is triggerd with a cron job). I could only find this function but this requires you to be logged in and this doesn't work in the import because none is logged in. Is there any other way to manual force the reindex, which doesn't require you to be logged in?


if (class_exists('ApiSe')) {

    $api_se_reindex_url = ApiSe::getInstance()->getAdminUrl('reindex');
    $response = file_get_contents( $api_se_reindex_url );



Kind regards,

Arnout Pullen

Is there any update on this? Now we need the manual force index every day

Dear Arnout,

Please contact us at with details so we can assist you.

Thank you.

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