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Incorrect currency symbol shown when using Shopify multicurrency support

We have enabled multi currency in Shopify and turned on Enable Shopify multicurrency support in Seachanise. The value is correctly converted into the selected currency, but the currency Symbol still is showing $ for USD in the search results as well as the Upsell & Cross-sell Widgets.

The correct behavior should be that the currency symbol for the selected currency is shown with the price.

In our case a bag of coffee is $18.00 and shows that correct when USD currency is selected. When we switch to CRC (Costa Rican colon) the price is shown as $10,600.00. This is the correct amount but the wrong currency symbol. it should be ₡ 10.600,00 (with a space between the currency symbol and the amount).

The product page shows this correctly it is just the searchanise widgets are always showing the $ symbol for the default store currency.

Is there any setting or customization that can eb done to reflect the correct selected currency symbol in a multi currency store?

Dear Thomas,

Please contact us at so we can assist you.

Thank you.