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Small modificartion and sugestion

Hello , it is possible to change color of "search term" in sugestion for example in red ? 

Now in search sugestion i set with green (in my link example) exact word "buddha" is not highlited ....

See my example:

I check option : "Highlight search term" but is not see the diference


And the next question is When will be avabile more option for mobile search version ?

My site/store , and probably other site/stores (I have more then  80%  visits from mobile and mobile dvices.

Simple option, not complicated :

For example:

In mobile version disable result of Category search and page search 


Option to set order of search result : first Products / second Article / third Category ....etc 

Or another ideea do imporve speed option to store in my server a temporary cash result (I'am verry verry SATISFIED about speed) because i compare the speed with our old search engine ( DooFinder ) and the speed is exactly like doofinder (and the price of SEARCHAISE search engine/plugin is half of cost in coparation of Doofinder )

I'am verry satisfied about this SEARCHAISE and i will buy Today 


Thanks again, and greetings from Romania :) 


If you still need assistance, please contact us at We will be glad to help you.

Thank you.

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