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Custom The Search Result Page


I am using your app and i have some questions

1) Can we customize search result page like 

    - I have to display metafield value with product name its now

Ex : I am using Advanced Custom Field App for creating a custom field so I want to display that custom field value to the search result page with product price

Like product price is "$0.19" and i have to display "$0.19 /each" where "/each" is custom field value so is it possible to display on search result page or not, if possible let me know the process

    - I have to make search result page same like as my collection page so i have to use quantity incrementor along with add to cart button.

    - I am using smart wishlist app so it is possible to integrate add to wishlist icon with product listing of search result display page.

    - Can you provide Search Result Page code for customize as we want to make changes as per our requirements


If you still need our assistance or have questions, please contact us at or through the sticky Help button on the bottom right of your Searchanise control panel.

Thank you.

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