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Search broken and not working out of nowhere

Hello, our instant search results have somehow broken. Can you please look into this? When typing in a query the white space for the box pops up and then disappears and never populates with information. 

Can you please reach out directly so I can provide you with the site URL?

4 people have this problem

Ours too!!  Our whole site is down because we use Searchanise for our collection pages in Shopify, and they just take us to a blank page!  Hope this doesn't last long!!!

I noticed it's a 502 server error. Something's down and needs to be fixed.

YES and Soon.  I am in the middle of a site conversion that is supposed to go live this weekend and I cant even do ANY final testing because this isn't working.  not sure we will get response though because they are like on India Time meaning it's the middle of the night there.

Our website is having the same issues - search not working and all of our collection pages are broken.

Same issue here.  Search and collections are in an endless redirect.  So the site is down and has been for over an hour now.  Where is support?

Same here!!!! Really disapointed, got some ads going, getting people in but no way for them to find my items! Really not good. 

Same here!!! No search result and 502 response code from your script... Need an update from support because we have 5 website not selling.

Collection page keep redirecting to the search page

We have the same problem, I just disabled Instant search widget and Search results widget until they resolve this bug.

Hello Yoany and others,

Are you having problems with the theme collections not displaying products even when Searchanise is disabled? I'm having this problem as well. Some collections are working and some are not even when Searchanise is disabled.

Never mind. I got the theme collections issue resolved. It's just Searchanise that I'm waiting on... Aren't they based in Russia? They could be sleeping :(

Can someone post when this is resolved?  This is a major issue for us.

They really need better support and updates for these outtages, especially those of us using Search On Collections and with the embedded code option. It’s not easy to just disconnect it, and they really need a Kill Switch option so we can just deactivate it until the app is fixed. I hate having my site held hostage to an app’s server issues!! Losing money by the minute Alexey!!

It's been resolved on our end - both search and collections seem to work properly. Testing more but all good here. 

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