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Problem with Product Images

After installed the app all my images on the products on the product page disappeared.

The images appear on the search results but not on the product page. I had 2 copies of my template that I tried and both ended up in the same results I had to restore to a previous version

scripts.js?v=17106984761253440764:379 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined

    at new SellingPlan (scripts.js?v=17106984761253440764:379)

    at new ProductPageSection (scripts.js?v=17106984761253440764:2841)

    at Sections._createInstance (scripts.js?v=17106984761253440764:198)

    at Sections.<anonymous> (scripts.js?v=17106984761253440764:276)

    at Function.each (jquery.js?v=10577884182238119239:2)

    at n.fn.init.each (jquery.js?v=10577884182238119239:2)

    at Sections.register (scripts.js?v=17106984761253440764:275)

    at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (scripts.js?v=17106984761253440764:4935)

    at i (jquery.js?v=10577884182238119239:2)

    at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.js?v=10577884182238119239:2)

SellingPlan @ scripts.js?v=17106984761253440764:379

ProductPageSection @ scripts.js?v=17106984761253440764:2841

_createInstance @ scripts.js?v=17106984761253440764:198

(anonymous) @ scripts.js?v=17106984761253440764:276

each @ jquery.js?v=10577884182238119239:2

each @ jquery.js?v=10577884182238119239:2

register @ scripts.js?v=17106984761253440764:275

(anonymous) @ scripts.js?v=17106984761253440764:4935

i @ jquery.js?v=10577884182238119239:2

fireWith @ jquery.js?v=10577884182238119239:2

ready @ jquery.js?v=10577884182238119239:2

J @ jquery.js?v=10577884182238119239:2

The first time I used the automated insertation of your script the 2nd time I manually added the code both ended up with the same results.  I removed the code and still NO pictures could be loaded.

please advise.

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