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Search With Multiple Skus

Hello, I run the backend of my company's website and we recently installed your app and integrated it into our website. We are extremely pleased with your service and are very excited to use its features. We noticed one problem in the search engine that we were hoping to fix. We use the front end of our website to search our products for what we have in stock, building wholesale orders, and restocking our retail store. With a large catalog that we have, over 30,000 items, oftentimes we need to copy and paste a string of SKUs into our search engine in the front end of the website. Before, it would give every result for each SKU that we would have in the same search (SKU1 SKU2 SKU3). After installing your product, using the search widget & the auto spell correction, the search will delete every SKU that is after our first SKU and only search the first SKU. We are able to fix this if we turn off the search results widget and the auto spell correction, but these two features are something that we really want to use. Is there a way that we are able to search multiple SKUs at the same time (say 10 different SKUs) without having to disable these features?

I need to add one more bug that we hope to fix. When we search a SKU that doesn't exist, the auto correct will change that SKU to one that does exist. Most of our SKUs are 6 number digits, like 192500, and when we search a SKU that doesn't exist, the auto correct will adjust that SKU to one that exists. This is a problem for us as sometimes we need to find out if a certain SKU is sold out or killed. Is there any way we can adjust the auto correct to not search for # strings? 

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