How to disable theme's built-in autocomplete

Modified on: Wed, Sep 26, 2018 at 11:32 AM

Some of Shopify themes have build-in autocomplete widget. This autocomplete shows with Searchanise(Smart Search and Instant Search) widget together, and it looks bad.

Below, we wrote guides for some Shopify themes about how to turn off build-in autocomplete widget.

If you didn’t find your theme, please look at the theme documentation or contact its support team.

Focal Theme

You can turn off build-in autocomplete widget by deleting class="mega-search__input" in Snippets/mega_search.liquid file here:

<input type="search" class="mega-search__input" name="q" placeholder=" 'search.autocomplete.placeholder' | t " value=" search.terms | escape " autofocus="autofocus" autocorrect="off" autocomplete="off">

YourStore Theme

To turn off build-in autocomplete in YourStore theme(, go to Layout/theme.liquid and comment this line:

{% include 'search-autocomplete' %}

Beauty Theme

To turn off default autocomplete in Beauty theme(, go to 

Config/settings_data.json and change the line "enable_auto_search": true to "enable_auto_search": false .

Empire Theme

To turn off default autocomplete in Empire theme (, go to Config/settings_data.json and change the line "enable_live_search": true to "enable_live_search": false.

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