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Modified on: Mon, Jan 27, 2020 at 2:32 PM

Smart Search and Instant Search app by Searchanise introduces an instant search widget and improved search results page for Shopify stores.

Once the app is installed in the store, the indexation of products, articles and store categories starts, which takes less than 5 minutes. During this time the app imports search data to the Searchanise servers and indexes it for search.

Searchanise starts to work by itself right after the first indexation is complete. No additional configuration is necessary.

Further indexation of product changes occurs automatically every 10 minutes. To re-index pages, collections and content of the blog posts, click the Force re-indexation button.

If a newly added page or blog post is not shown in the search results, click Force re-indexation to index them and include in the search results.

Searchanise searches through products, collections, pages and blog posts (items that have Visibility “Online Store” are exported). All the product fields are searched:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Product type
  • Vendor
  • Tags
  • SKU for all product variants
  • Barcode for all product variants
  • Options for all product variants

Optionally, you can add product meta fields for more efficient searching. To do so, in the admin panel of Searchanise, switch to the Preferences tab and enter desired meta fields in the namespace.key format, comma-separated.

If you want to hide a product from the search results, add the “SEARCHANISE_IGNORE” tag. You can set the tags list in the Preferences tab.

If you want to hide out of stock products from the search results, select the “Hide out-of-stock products” checkbox in the Preferences tab.

By default, the search results show the price of the first product variant. To show the lowest price of all product variants, select Lowest price in the Choose the product price to show select box in the Preferences tab.

The prices are shown taking into account the currency settings in your store. If you change currency formatting in the settings, click Force re-indexation to show the prices in the new format in the search results.

If you’re using a product reviews add-on, you may want to show product ratings in the search results and use filtering by reviews. To do so, configure integration with, Yotpo or (Product Reviews Addon).

Instant search widget

As soon as you start typing in the search box in the store, Searchanise instantly shows suggestions and product previews.

If you do not have a search box in the theme you’re using, add it by following these instructions.

Due to the restriction in the Shopify API (the app scripts start loading only after the page is fully loaded (onload event)), a delay may occur when loading the Searchanise widget for the first time. To fix this, follow these instructions.

Read more about configuration of the instant search widget here.

Search results widget

Searchanise creates a new page with javascript code that adds a search widget to your Shopify store. This javascript widget sends search requests to the Searchanise servers and shows results in the dynamically generated HTML content.

This HTML content is inserted into the Searchanise code. Therefore there’s no liquid template in Shopify, editing which can change the look and feel of the widget.

However, the look and feel of the widget can be customized by playing with the colors and applying Custom CSS. If you need our help in customizing the search widget, click the sticky Help button on the bottom right of your Searchanise control panel and drop us a line via our feedback form.

The search results page contains search filters that can be adjusted in the Filters tab.

Note: Searchanise works not just on the search results page, Searchanise filters can be added to the collection pages through Smart Navigation feature!

We did our best to make the widget fit all Shopify themes, but in some stores search results may not take up the full width of the screen. Please contact us, and we will add Custom CSS to adapt the widget to the theme of your store.

For more details on the search widget settings, read here.

Trial period

Once you install the app, you will have a 14-day trial period. For dev stores the trial period is unlimited!

Searchanise subscription

To have permanent access to all Searchanise features, you need to buy Searchanise Pro subscription. It’s very easy to do in the Searchanise admin panel by clicking the Trial: … days left button.

The cost of the monthly Searchanise subscription will be included in the Shopify Invoice and you will pay for the app together with the Shopify store fee.

Read more about subscription payment here.

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