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Modified on: Mon, Jul 17, 2017 at 3:07 PM

Searchanise supports the selection of product fields for search on the storefront. 

For example, you can turn off the SKU search option. And when the customer enters numbers in the search box in the storefront, Searchanise won’t search them based on the SKU option.

To choose product fields, go to Preferences → Product Fields. You’ll see a list of the available product options for searching.

To turn on/off the search based on a product field, press the Change Statuses button. Next, you’ll be able to change the status of every field.

Note: SKU in the Shopify has 2 fields: SKU and SKU for all variants. Don't forget to turn off both fields to disable search by SKU.

Don’t forget to save the changes and press Force Re-indexation!

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