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Modified on: Tue, Oct 29, 2019 at 4:38 PM

Searchanise supports 5 types of product merchandising:

  • No — no promotion, the product is shown as it is in the search.
  • Always — the product is always at the top of the search results no matter what the buyer typed.
  • On Match — the product will be in the top of the list if it’s included in the search results.
  • Keywords — the product will be at the top for particular keywords typed in the search box.
  • Last — the product will be at the end of the list if it’s included in the search results.

To configure your product promotions go to the Merchandising tab in the Searchanise control panel. Here are your current merchandising rules.

To create a new rule click on the + button.

Find the necessary products using filters.

Change the product ranking in the search results by choosing one of the promotion options. By default, all the products have No options that mean no promotions.

E.g. We’ll make our product “Hill’s Canine Vetessentials Adult” to be always on the first place in the search results widgets.

Don’t forget to click Save changes! Next, you need to wait while we’ll re-index the store with new merchandising rule.

Note: “Keywords” option need to enter keywords. This merchandising rule won’t work without them.

Go to the storefront after the indexation complete, and try to enter any phrase in the search box. The first product in the search results is “Hill’s Canine Vetessentials Adult”.

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