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Modified on: Fri, Nov 23, 2018 at 4:46 PM

You can create your own labels on the basis of product tags. For this we created the Labels by Tag section of the Product Labels tab.

At the moment the feature is available for Shopify and Magento only.

1. To create a new label click the Plus button.

2. Here you can find the following settings:

Product Tag  

Type in the tag of the products that you’d like your new label to be applied to.


Type in the name for the new label which will be shown in its body.

Background color 

Choose the color for the label background.

Please do not forget to click SAVE LABEL.

3. The created labels can be edited or deleted.

Please do not forget to click APPLY CHANGES.

4. Here is what you’ll get.


To show the instant search labels in the search results widget you’ll need to create the same custom labels in the Product Labels section of the Search results widget tab.

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