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Modified on: Thu, Nov 26, 2020 at 3:23 PM

Redirects is one of the best Searchanise promotional tools. Custom redirects can be defined for particular search terms.

For example, you have a promo page for a tablet PC sale. You want your customers to be immediately redirected to this page as they enter "tablet", "tablet pc", or "ipad" in the search box.

Let's suppose we are going to redirect customers to if they search the “alaska” query.

Go to the Redirects tab and click the plus button. Add a couple of search terms separated by comma and the website url the customers will be redirected to.

Next, save the changes and visit your storefront to test it. When you type “alaska” in the search box and press the Enter button, you’re redirected to as shown in the picture.

You can also create redirects to any page of your store. 

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