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Modified on: Fri, Jan 17, 2020 at 4:44 PM

We hope that you'll never need to use this article. But if you do, here are the instructions on how to cancel your Searchanise subscription and get rid of all the Searchanise app files.

1. To cancel your subscription please click Pro - Cancel subscription in the Searchanise dashboard.

If you've got a Shopify or BigCommerce store, you can just delete the Searchanise app and your subscription will be canceled automatically

Please pay attention to the fact the Searchanise subscription for Magento and CS-Cart stores is NOT canceled upon deleting the extension/add-on. If you've got a Magento or CS-Cart store, you'll need to unsubscribe first. Only then you can delete the extension/add-on.

2. To delete the Searchanise application and all its files from your store, please do the following:

2.1. Shopify

2.1.1. Delete the app in the Apps section of your store.

2.1.2. Go to the Online Store - Pages section and delete the Search Results page. 

That's all you should do.

2.2. Magento

If you want to delete all the files of the extension, please follow these steps:

2.2.1. Open the app/etc/modules/Simtech_Searchanise.xml file and replace the following part of code


with this one:


Then please save the file.

2.2.2. In the admin panel of your store please open the System - Cache Management page, enable all the checkboxes, select Action: Refresh and click the Submit button.

2.2.3. Remove files of the Searchanise extension. In order to learn where its files are located, please look through the archive used for the extension installation.

2.2.4. Please remove searchanise_queue and searchanise_config tables from your database and execute the following SQL query in the phpMyAdmin tool on your server:

DELETE FROM core_resource WHERE core_resource.`code` = ‘searchanise_setup’

That’s all you should do.

2.3. СS-Cart

2.3.1. Go to CS-Cart admin panel - Add-ons - Manage add-ons, find the Searchanise add-on and click Uninstall

2.3.2. Delete the cscart_se_settings line from the store database.


2.4. BigCommerce

2.4.1. Uninstall the app in the Apps section of your store.

2.4.2. Go to the Storefront - Web Pages section and delete the Search Results page. 

That's all you should do.

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