How to use Stop Words in Searchanise Print

Modified on: Thu, Feb 20, 2020 at 12:55 PM

Stop words are special words that are disregarded during search. The words from the Stop Words list will be filtered out, and won’t be taken into consideration by the search engine. This will give you more relevant search results. Such words as "a", "the", and some prepositions are added to the stop words list by default.

How to manage Stop Words list

To manage Stop Words, enter your Searchanise control panel, and navigate to the Stop words section.

First, go to the General preferences tab. It contains the list of all active Stop Words. If you have many words in your list you can find the necessary words with a Filter.

Click the Plus button to add a new Stop Word.

You can add several words one by one.

Edit the existing Stop Words list right from the General settings tab by clicking the Edit Stopwords button.

To delete Stop Words from the existing list, just select them on the right and click Delete Selected.

Export/Import Stop Words list

To do so, go to the Export/Import tab of the preferences.

You can export your Stop Words list with one click on the Download button.

When importing the list you can choose delimiters: Tab, Semicolon or Comma.

Before importing your list make sure the import file has the Stop word column with all words listed.

Then find the file on your hard drive and click Import. You will see the changes in your General tab in a second.

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