How the A/B testing mode works

Modified on: Sat, Apr 28, 2018 at 5:13 PM

The A/B testing mode can be found in the Analytics section of the Searchanise admin panel.

It allows you to see how the Smart Search & Instant Search app affects your store conversion. With the mode enabled one half of your customers will see and use Searchanise widgets while another one will use standard search. This way you’ll be able to compare your conversion with and without Smart Search & Instant Search app activated.

A/B testing tracks the orders in your store. In the With Search section you can see the main column allowing to compare effectiveness of standard search functionality and Searchanise.

Here you can compare:

Conversion: the conversion percent. The number of sessions is counted for its calculation.
Sessions: the number of sessions. A session lasts one hour if a customer leaves your site.
Revenue: the total revenue received as a result of these sessions.
Orders: the number of orders made after searching.
Average revenue: revenue/orders.

You can find the summed values for the above rates in the Total column of the With Search section.

The Without Search section provides you with the information on the orders which were not made after searching.

The A/B testing information can be checked for a selected time period just as for the other Analytics sections.

To activate A/B testing click Enable A/B testing and Apply changes.

What if A/B testing shows bad results for Searchanise?

Sometimes analytics is counted incorrectly because of the peculiarities of some Shopify themes. If Searchanise shows worse conversion than search without our app, don't hurry to leave us. Just contact us at and we'll adapt A/B testing to your theme specifically.

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