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Modified on: Tue, Jun 22, 2021 at 6:10 PM

Searchanise allows showing product recommendation blocks in your store. These are New products, Similar products, Most Popular products, Customers who bought these products also bought and others.

The blocks can be added to different pages of your store (home page, category page, product page, shopping cart page, blog pages, etc.). They are set up in the Upsell & Cross-sell section of the Searchanise admin panel.

1. Click the Purple plus button in the Generatab and add a widget for a new recommendation block. Set up the block type (New products, Featured products, Similar products), choose a name for the block (or leave it as it is) and select the number of products shown in the block (up to 30).

1.1 The New products block includes recently added products.

1.2 Similar products are formed according to the chosen option. You can set up to show products that are similar by product type, product options (size and color), tag, vendor and collections. Your customers will see the products which are similar to the one they see at the moment. 

Please note that the Similar products widget works only for product pages.

1.3 Featured products include the products you add to the widget manually.

1.4 Most Popular Products include the all-time bestselling products of your store.

Permissions should be updated for order processing to use this block in old Searchanise installations. The corresponding notice may appear in the Searchanise admin panel.

1.5 Products by Attribute include random products of a selected product type, vendor or collection or random products having a selected tag. Unlike Similar products, you can add this block to any page of your store.

2. After you set up a widget, you can add it to a selected page of your store automatically or manually by adding the widget code to the theme.liquid file

If you choose the Auto option, a recommendation widget will be added to the bottom part of a selected page.

If you choose the Manual option, you can add a widget code to any place on the selected page. Here are the detailed instructions on how you can do it.

3. You can set up to show the View product, Add to cart button or no button for products in recommendation blocks and add your own Custom CSS to customize the blocks look and feel in the Settings tab of the Upsell & Cross-sell section.

The general information on the widget with the automatically generated widget key can always be found in the General tab of the Upsell & Cross-sell section. Here you can change the widget status from Active to Hidden and vice versa.

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