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Modified on: Thu, Apr 11, 2019 at 2:23 PM

Personalization allows to form specific product suggestions for each customer based on product views. 

To enable personalization go to Searchanise admin panel -> Preferences -> Products and select the Personalization checkbox.

Please do not forget to click Apply changes.

How personalized suggestions are formed

When your customer visits a product page in your store, product category and product type are tracked by our system. 

When the total number of product views with a specific category or product type exceeds 5, personalization starts affecting product suggestions. Relevance of the products of this category or type raises in search results. That means if there are such products in search results, they will be shown higher in the search results list. The more products of the definite category or type are viewed, the higher the relevance of products of the same category or type will be.

For example, let's suppose there are 2 categories in a store (let them be Men and Women) and there are Black shirt products in both categories. If a customer viewed 10 products within the Women category and 6 products within the Men category, he or she will see Black shirt from the Women category first in search results.

Please note that product merchandising settings have a higher priority than personalization. For example, if you set up a product to be always on top of the search results, it will be shown first and personalized suggestions will go after that product.

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