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It is available for ShopifyMagento and Magento 2 stores only.

What is Personalization

Search Personalization means raising user-specific results and decreasing other ones. The user-specific results are based on the user’s search history: what a user searched and what he clicked on. Thus, it can help improve the customer experience in your store.

How Personalization works in Searchanise 

When your customer visits a product page in your store, Searchanise remembers its category and type. After the customer has visited product pages with a specific category/type more than five times, Personalization starts affecting the search results: the products from a certain category/type will move up the list of suggestions.

For example, there are two categories in your store: Men and Women, and there are T-shirt products in both of them. If a customer viewed ten products within the Women category and six products within the Men category, they would first see a T-shirt from the Women category in search results the next time they search for a T-shirt.

Enabling/Disabling Personalization

Personalization is enabled by default.

To enable/disable Personalization, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Searchanise (Smart Search & Filter) control panel > Preferences section > Products tab.
  2. Select/Clear the Personalization setting. 
  3. Apply the changes.
Product Merchandising settings have a higher priority than Personalization. For example, if you set up a product to be always at the top of the search results, it will be shown first and personalized suggestions will be displayed after that.

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