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Modified on: Mon, Mar 2, 2020 at 6:15 PM

What is a product recommendation block?

Product recommendation blocks are blocks of products nudging your customers to buy more and pay attention to specific items in your store. You must have seen such blocks on eBay or Amazon. For example, they are Similar products, Customers also bought, You might also like, etc. They allow you to upsell and cross-sell products.

How can I add recommendation blocks to my store pages?

You can choose a Manual or an Auto option. 

In case you choose the Auto one, a recommendation block will be added to the bottom content part of the selected page (or pages) automatically. 

If you choose the Manual one, you can insert the widget code into any part of the appropriate page in your store theme files.

Where can I place a recommendation block?

You can locate a recommendation block on any page of your store. By default, if you choose automatic installation, home page, collections, product page, search results and cart pages are available. If you insert a block manually in your theme files, you can also choose other locations and select a specific place on a page. 

What types of recommendation blocks can I create?

Here are the available types of recommendation blocks:

  • New Products
  • Featured Products (manual selection)
  • Similar Products
  • Most Popular Products (bestsellers)
  • Products by Attribute (similar by vendor, product type, tags, collections, color or size)
  • Customers Who Bought This Product Also Bought

How can I customize the recommendation blocks?

You can change blocks' content, look and feel in the app control panel:

  • change a block title, choose a number of products to show in a block in the Widgets section (click Edit)
  • adjust colors and add custom CSS rules in the Colors section
  • select the product info to be displayed in the Settings section

Where can I check out how the app affects conversion in my store?

The detailed info on block impressions, clicks and sales made through recommendation blocks can be found in the Analytics section of the app control panel.

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