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Modified on: Wed, Aug 11, 2021 at 7:02 PM

Color Families is the Searchanise feature allowing you to combine colors with complex names (e.g. light black, dark grey) into a standard color palette and display this palette in the filter

There are two ways of adjusting your Color Families

1. Adding new colors to Color Families.

To add or edit an existing Color Family, please go to Filters > Color Families:

Note: Clear and Multicolor families can’t be deleted or edited. 

After the Edit families button is clicked, you are able to edit:

  • Family name
  • Family code
  • Colors included in the family

Note: colors in the Colors included into family input field should be separated by commas.

To delete Color Families select the checkbox right next to the Colors included into family input field and click the Delete selected button:

Clicking the + button will create a new empty Color Family.

2. Assigning Color Family to the existing color.

First please go to Filters > General and click the Manage filter link right next to the Color filter. Make sure that Color is selected in the Appearance dropdown in the Settings tab. Don’t forget to apply the changes if any.

After changes are applied, please return to the General tab and click the Edit values button, assign a Color Family to each color in the Color Family dropdown, and save the changes. 

After that each complex color will correspond to a certain Color family and will be associated with a color swatch.

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