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Modified on: Thu, Aug 12, 2021 at 2:59 PM

Thanks to the Synonyms feature you can set the same search results to be returned for different search queries.

How to use synonyms?

For example, we will declare a synonym for the word "ipad" to be "tablet". When a customer searches for "tablet", the search results will be the same as if the word "ipad" was searched. Both words will return the results for "ipad".

This will work differently in reverse: if you set "ipad" to be a synonym for "tablet", then both searches will return the results for "tablet".

Please keep in mind that in Searchanise, accented letters and their unaccented counterparts are considered to be completely different characters ( e.g. fútbol and futbol). You can use this feature to make such words look the same to Smart Search.

To add synonyms, please follow the instructions below:

1. In the Searchanise admin panel, go to the Synonyms section and click the + button. 

2. Enter the Synonyms and the Search term in the corresponding input fields. The words on the left (Synonyms column) are the words that we are searching for (=what your customers type in the search field), and on the right (Search term column) are the words that should be found (=the query we want to show the results for).

To avoid any issues with the Synonyms feature, we strongly recommend that you create synonym combinations avoiding the repeating of the words in the left and right fields. So that all the words that are synonyms and search terms were unique. So if you type “tablet” in the Synonyms field, it shouldn’t be repeated in other fields. The same goes for the Search term field. If you type “ipad” in one field, you shouldn’t type it in other fields.


Please note that only single-word Search terms are fully supported (e.g. tablet, smartphone, rainbow, etc.).

3. Click the Save items button and press the Force re-indexation button in the app's dashboard.

You can also export and import synonyms through CSV files in the Export/Import tab. Please note that the CSV file size is limited by the server settings. At the moment the maximum file size is 2 MB.

How else can I use synonyms?

Punctuation marks

Let’s suppose your customers use different variants of product names for search queries. For example, they search "xp203" whereas your product's title is "xp-203". As a result, the product won’t be found. Here’s when synonyms come in handy!


You can also use synonyms to refer the plural form of a noun to its singular form in the product name and vice versa. For example, when your customers search for "chocolates", Milka chocolate will be shown in the search results. If you don't use synonyms, nothing will be found.

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