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Modified on: Thu, Aug 12, 2021 at 11:56 AM

This feature allows redirecting customers to certain pages when they use certain search queries. The URL customers will be redirected to can lead to a page inside or outside of your store.

For example, you have a promo page for a tablet PC sale and would like to redirect customers immediately to this page instead of the search results page when they search for "tablet", "tablet pc", or "iPad".

Here is how to achieve this:

1. Go to the Redirects section and click the plus button.

2. Add one or more Search terms separated by commas in the field on the left and the URL the customers will be redirected to in the field on the right. We will use the search term "alaska" and URL as an example.

3. Click the Save changes button. 

Now when a customer types "alaska" in the search bar in our store and hits Enter, they will be redirected to

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